Monday, February 12, 2018

February Calendar Update

Wednesday February 15 - 1 pm - Quilt Show Committee meeting at the Buckley Library, 123 S. River Ave.  All are welcome!

Friday Feb.16 - Guild Workshop at the Buckley Fire Station, 611 S. Division St., Buckley.  You must be signed up with Mary S. who will be giving the workshop, and also have your own copy of the pattern.
Here are the needed items for the workshop:

Poppy by Ann Shaw (pattern)

This is an art quilt, sized at 35" X 29". This art quilt is comprised of five small complete quilts.  One each  of four petals, plus the background.  Making an art quilt is meant to be fun and enjoyable, there is no rush.

Supplies list:
Ironing mat
Freezer paper
Scotch tape 
Scissors for cutting paper
Sharpie with fine point
light source for tracing -optional
Cutting Board
Rotary Cutter
sewing machine

Selection of fabric.  you (not necessarily the fabrics) should be bold -choose light, medium. dark and small, medium  and large prints

If you don't know what color to make your Poppy, Google "pictures of poppies", or "poppy pictures", etc.

This class goal is to complete one full petal (out of the four) -   the top, batting and backing.  There is plenty of time to accomplish this goal.

This is an easy and fun quilt I am sure you will enjoy creating. 

If you have any further questions, please email or call Mary S. - her info is in the membership directory.

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